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"Then I got to the point where the comedy money was, like, five times the other money, so I decided to flip it around and save the comedy money," Leno says. "I would always spend the lesser amount of what the two were." Jay Leno has no debt thanks in large part to abiding by this one rule He continued relying on this strategy even after he started hosting "The Tonight Show" in 1992. "I pretended as if I didn't even have the 'Tonight Show' job," says Leno, who instead, lived off the money he earned doing comedy gigs on the side. "You know, when you start making money, you get lazy. I wanted to make sure I always had that hunger, so I never looked" at his TV money. "It would go directly into a bank." After 22 years on the job, he accumulated "a nice little nest egg," he adds. Even today, Leno still does two to three comedy gigs a week, or "210 jobs a year outside of whatever else I'm doing." After all, "if you do something and it works, then keep doing it." The self-made millionaire has never liked the feeling of owing anybody anything. Even today, "I barely use credit cards," he says . "I don't carry any debt.

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SF's minimum wage earners would need to work 171.5 hours per week to afford 'fair market' rental

SAN FRANCISCO - JULY 08: A sign advertising an apartment for rent hangs from a fire escape in front of an apartment building July 8, 2009 in San Francisco, California. As the economy continues to falter, vacancy rates for U.S. apartments have spiked to a twenty two year high of 7.5 percent, just short of the record high of 7.8 percent set in 1986.  Photo: (Photo By Justin Sullivan/Getty Images) As there are only 168 hours in a week, it's an impossible feat. The situation in the San Jose-Sunnyvale-Santa Clara area is also dire, necessitating renters earn at least $48.50 an hour to afford rent for a similar two-bedroom home. The Oakland-Fremont area comes in close behind, with renters needing $44.79 an hour. But it's the minimum-wage workers in San Francisco — those working in the city's acclaimed restaurants, bars, theaters, concert venues, hotels and coffee houses — who are being forced to reckon with continuously rising rents. That's a big problem, though not a surprising one, according to Todd David, executive director of the nonprofit San Francisco Housing Action Coalition. David says the city has been underproducing housing for 30 years while frequently introducing new, and often high-paying jobs, to the point that "for roughly every 10 jobs we've created, we've only built one unit of housing." "If we keep going in this trend, we will not have workers," he says. "Think about what that means for our culinary industry. We're going to see these really good restaurants close down. Same with coffee places, boutiques, our nightlife, our bars.

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Carl Sargeant On Friday, Cathryn McGahey QC representing the first minister said more women had come forward. She said: "An increasing number of women have either come forward or been identified as saying they were subjected to inappropriate behaviour by Mr Sargeant." It is not clear when the allegations were made or when they date back to. At the time of his sacking Mr Sargeant, who was married and had two children, had vowed to clear his name. But days later he was found dead - a previous inquest gave a provisional cause of death as hanging. The solicitor for Mr Sargeant's family, Leslie Thomas QC, said the allegations were "unproven" and Mr Sargeant was not there to defend himself. Coroner John Gittins said he did not think details of the allegations made by women would be relevant to the inquest, The pre-inquest hearing at Ruthin's Coroner's Court on Friday heard Mr Sargeant had been taking anti-depressants at the time of his death. The first minister was not present but has been called to give evidence at the full inquest into his death. Mr Thomas said the first minister must have been fully aware of Mr Sargeant's personal issues when he sacked him, as they had been friends for 16 years. He added there were "other stressors" in Mr Sargeant's life and referred to a "very sensitive issue" but did not give further details.

Women who have already made it to the top say that the only person who will get you there is yourself 

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