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He points to an L.A.-based shop called The Corner Store , which began photographing girls in what he describes as “strange, ruffley maxi dresses in weird makeup and hair.” But because the shop is followed by 34,600 people, most members of the vintage-selling community, he’s been able to sling similar garments by referencing their aesthetic. “There are trends that get generated because of certain popular Instagram accounts showing certain things, and then people realize: ‘Oh this is cool and we can do it, too,’” Zweig said. “I end up selling things that I would never sell because literally I say to somebody: ‘That’s very Corner Store.’” As a result of each account’s growing following, sellers and models are becoming minor celebrities within the vintage community themselves. All the elements of this Instagram-made fashion subculture culminate at a vintage megamarket dubbed A Current Affair that’s held in both Brooklyn, New York, and Richmond, California, each year. Zweig describes this biannual event as a deliberately hip answer to the Manhattan Vintage Show, a gathering in New York that he says is typically frequented by “80-year-old women with a ton of makeup and hats and feathers and stuff.” At A Current Affair, sellers dress up in their best vintage threads, bring the models they feature on their feeds, and curate their mobile storefronts to be highly photogenic. Some fashion bloggers show up to try on clothes in an almost performative manner, a process that is subsequently chronicled on vendors’ feeds. “This show is kind of a product of the Instagram generation,” Zweig said. “It’s almost like some of these sellers are celebrities, literally. People recognize them. And they’ll all go up and introduce themselves, like, ‘Oh my god, I saw you on Instagram.

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