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All throughout the month, after the fast is broken, special night prayers called Taravih are held in almost all the mosques. During the course of these prayers the entire Koran is recited by the prayer leaders or Imams who have committed its entire text to memory. This enables persons attending these sessions to listen to the entire Koran at least once in a year. READ ALSO  Importance of washing bottoms! Although Islam places any kind of charity and alms-giving very high on the list of virtuous acts, it has inherent in it the very unique recommendation of obligatory or mandatory charity called Zakath which sets it apart from all other religions of the world. This act which is actually one of the five fundamental pillars of Islam, involves giving away each year without fail, two-and-a-half percent of one’s accumulated income, assets or savings. Zakath has to be paid even on the gold and silver ornaments that are worn by the womenfolk if their value exceeds a certain limit. Since Islam stands for brotherhood and social justice it asserts that the poor and needy too have rights over the surplus wealth of the rich. The end of the month of Ramazan is marked by the festival of Eid-ul-Fitr which along with the Eid-us-Zuha or Bakrid is one of the two major feasts of the Muslims. It is called Eid-ul-Fitr because it is associated with the giving of special mandatory alms called Fitra which is the equivalent of two-and-a half-kilograms of wheat per person in cash, if not in actual grain to the poor before the Eid prayers.

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