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Twitter users accused her of "disrespect". Ms Conway was taking her own photos at the time. "That's no way to act in the People's Oval Office," tweeted one user of the social media site. "Think of all the great people who sat on that couch and put your feet down," wrote another. You may also like Image copyright Getty Images Image caption Ms Conway was taking pictures with her smartphone at the time The images led some to question Ms Conway's body language, suggesting that she was not taking the meeting on Monday seriously. Image copyright Twitter Image copyright Twitter Image copyright Twitter Others downplayed the excitement, indicating that it was all a bit of a storm in a teacup. Image copyright Twitter The images of Ms Conway also drew comparisons to a photograph taken in 2013 showing then President Barack Obama with a foot up on the Oval Office desk. "What a story. Hope Obama never put his feet up on the furniture," writes Kevin.

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